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December 11, 2023
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UPDATE – Lufthansa Group produced a strong summer quarter, posting an Adjusted operating profit in Q3 of €1.468 billion that sits right in between that of its main competitors IAG and Air France-KLM. The airline confirms its full-year guidance op producing an Adjusted EBIT of €2.6 billion, based on continued strong bookings in Q4 and for the holiday season.

Adjusted EBIT of Q3 is up 31 percent from last year’s €1.131 billion. It is the highest-ever result in a summer quarter for the group. Consolidated revenues were up by eight percent to €10.275 from €9.537 billion, of which €8.832 billion came from traffic. Operating expenses were up by five percent to €9.561 billion. Lufthansa Group produced a net profit in the September quarter of €1.192 billion, up from €809 million last year.