Mitsubishi has brought Japan’s first passenger since the YS-11 more than 50 years ago, the MRJ-90,  to the Paris Air Show.  Shunichi Miyanaga, President and CEO of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries said “we have brought it here to demonstrate that the plane is making good progress.”   The on display is the third of five flight test aircraft, and has been painted in the launch customer, All Nippon Airlines, livery.

The remains on for entry into service in mid-2020, and launch customer ANA remains committed to the program.  Osamu Shinobe, Vice of ANA holdings said “as an airline, we are completely ready to receive it.”  ANA has been forced to delay the of some older jets and lease in others while it awaits the MRJ, which has had several major program delays.

New orders for the are not expected at Paris this year, but Yugo Fukuhara, VP os sales and marketing was hopeful about the European market, given the likelihood of scope clause restrictions in the United States that would limit operations with US regional carriers.  Swedish leasing company Rockton, which has 20 MRJs on order, will help market the aircraft to European customers.


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