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December 10, 2023
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 AirInsight US Airline Index

US airline passengers reached a new high for 2021 on Sunday, with nearly 1.6 million passengers yesterday.  While the outlook is positive, it is also raising concerns of another potential wave of the virus that could negatively impact the economic recovery.  The next two weeks will be telling and determine how well the vaccination program, which now has 20% of the domestic population fully vaccinated, creates herd immunity.

Commercial Aviation

  • Boeing gets crucial win with 100 jet 737 MAX deal from Southwest – BNN 
  • How Airbus is boosting aircraft electrical propulsion with cryogenic cooling and superconductors- ATI
  • Lessor CDB Aviation cancels 20 737 MAX orders- Flight Global
  • Episode 187 – Review of DOJ Boeing settlement for 737 MAX safety scandal – JD Supra
  • Russian Engines remain key issue for Ilyushin IL-114-300- AIN

Business Aviation

  • Bombardier delivers 50th Global 7500 – AirInsight
  • Bell to fly on sustainable aviation fuel – AIN
  • Global business jet activity begins to rebound – BusAirNews 


  • JetBlue assesses London options after gaining Heathrow slots – Routes
  • American Airlines to put most jets back in service as travel rebounds – BNN
  • Get ready to show your vaccine passport everywhere – Reason
  • Cruise over UAE on Emirate’s special flight – but only if you are fully vaccinated – Gulf News

Urban Air Mobility

  • Textron Announces entry into electric aviation market with formation of new division – Transport Up
  • Start-up aims to launch “one of the first passenger drone services in the world” – UAM News

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