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Airbus’ A321 is outselling the Boeing 737-900 handily.  Of concern to Boeing is that it appears this problem will continue in the future, as the same thing is happening with neo versus MAX sales as well.  The 737 has been a best seller for Boeing and the core design is surely the most flexible in commercial aviation history.  Boeing has been able to harvest this design for nearly 50 years.  So why is the Airbus A321 outselling the Boeing 737-900 and A321neo outselling MAX9?

We decided to take a look at this issue.  Invariably when comparing aircraft it is clear that the “apples to apples” comparisons can run into limits.  The most important factor is price.  So we have discarded that issue – we assume that an airline or lessor is offered equal pricing.  Airbus and Boeing are each masters at pricing to the point of economic indifference.

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