The Russian market just grew a bit more competitive.  For aircraft in the 100-seat segment, the Sukhoi SuperJet has pretty much had the home advantage.  But Embraer has seen the Embraer E-170 and E-175 awarded type certificates in Russia.  Russian news outlet ATO reports that two Russian airlines are interested in the Embraer is said to be one the airlines.

Clearly the E-170/75 offers Russian airlines an option.  Conveniently, there were 25 aircraft of these models parked at the end of the 2Q16.   Exposure to the gives Embraer a chance to find more customers to convert to the E2 when enters service. 

This Embraer news dovetails with SuperJet news.  We heard previously from the company CEO that winglets were coming next.  Now there is news from the same source that a 120-seat SuperJet is coming.  Russian airlines are about to see more choice and options.

Looking at the CIS fleet for 2Q16, there are interesting opportunities.

2016-10-13_14-08-49Of the fleet under five years, the market is divided by Embraer and Sukhoi.  As older, more expensive aircraft are retired, the chances are that these two will benefit the most.  Bombardier has a leg in below 76 seats with its CRJ and Q ranges.  Russian interest in the seems stalled.  Mitsubishi is probably going to struggle the most to break into this market.

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