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May 27, 2024
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Gulfstream completed the first flight of the second Gulfstream G800 aircraft. The second test aircraft flying is a significant milestone in the certification process, expected during the first half of 2024.

The G800 can fly 8,000 nautical miles at Mach 0.85 and 7,000 nm at Mach 0.90, with class-leading fuel efficiency. That efficiency is generated by the combination of the Gulfstream-designed advanced high-speed wing and winglet and all-new, high-thrust Rolls-Royce Pearl 700 engines. Designed to seat up to 19 passengers, the G800 offers up to four living areas or three living areas with a crew compartment.


The second G800 flew for three hours and twenty-six minutes on July 15th from the company’s Savannah, GA facilities. The aircraft also reached a top speed during the test flight of Mach 0.935, underscoring its high-speed capabilities.

Gulfstream’s flight test team continues to make advanced strides forward for our company,” said Mark Burns, President of Gulfstream Aerospace. “The G800 will bring the industry’s longest range to customers around the world, and we are seeing strong demand for this capability alongside the cabin comfort and quality Gulfstream is known for.” 

This aircraft is the second of three aircraft planned for the G800 test program. The second aircraft specifically tests the environmental control system, avionics, and flight controls. The third test aircraft will join the certification program soon and be dedicated to cabin systems and components testing.

Gulfstream is planning an accelerated path to certification because it shares systems commonality with the G700, which is further along in its flight test program. The larger G700 is expected to gain certification by the end of 2023. “Thanks to the design philosophy behind our next-generation fleet, the G800 is also benefiting from the excellent progress we continue to make in the Gulfstream G700 flight test program,” stated Gulfstream president Mark Burns. “This commonality helps us enhance efficiency and reliability for our customers, who are already seeing firsthand how well these aircraft perform.”

Five G700 aircraft are in flight test, and many of the G800 common systems have already been tested for the G700. This should lead to a shorter certification program for the G800, which will not need to duplicate some certification items. The G700, initially expected to be certified in the fourth quarter of 2022, has had certification pushed back to late 2023 due to the impact of the pandemic on the supply chain and certification timing. The G800 will follow 6-9 months after the certification of the G700.

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