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June 21, 2024
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Part of the T2 update from DoT allows us to update our ESG model for the US airline fleet. Here’s a link to a report from February.  The ESG issue is growing in importance in light of Net Zero and is now a consideration in aircraft financing.

There are some updates in the charts worth noting.

Regional Jets

  • This segment generates the highest carbon emissions.  This is a function of how these aircraft are deployed – typically on < 500-mile routes and spending much of the flight time climbing at high power ratings.
  • The relatively poor emission number shown for the CRJ900 is due to implausible data filed by Endeavour.  We believe the real number is much closer to that of the E-175.  It could even be better since the CRJ900 is lighter than the E-175.

Single Aisles

  • The MAX9 remains the top performer.  When looking at the underlying data, Alaska Airlines’ performance drives this.  That airline reports better fuel burn per seat on the MAX9 than on its A321neos.
  • The good performance of the A320neo in the US n a per-seat basis is due to these aircraft being deployed by ULCCs – high seat counts make a difference.
  • The MAX8 number is, we believe, inaccurate due to reporting from Southwest. There is a data error that is being fixed.
  • The A321neo number is improving because the US fleet is growing.  Moreover, that fleet is being deployed on long segments that favor low fuel burn because of longer periods at cruise.  For example, Hawaiian and Jetblue doing long hauls.

Twin Aisles

  • The 787-10 remains at the top spot.  This puts Boeing at #1 regarding green aircraft in US airline service.
  • The A330-900’s performance looks great, particularly as it is better than the A350-900.  But the real eye-opener here is the A330–300 – that’s a very good performance.

Page two

  • Select the aircraft type using the filter on the left.
  • The greener the cell, the better the performance. And the redder, the poorer the performance.
  • The cells are relative to the entire page reported.
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