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May 27, 2024
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Lufthansa is spending €1m per day for the next 1,000 days on its business class refurbishment on its long haul fleet.  The new lie-flat business class seats are standard only on the 747-8 of which they have three (used for IAD and India).  The fourth is coming soon and will be on the LAX route.   Of the airline’s A330s, three based in MUC have been refurbished and the remainder of the long haul fleet are works in progress.

An interesting anecdote – the airline discovered that business travelers in the greater DC area have been altering their schedules to ensure they get on the 747-8 because of the new seats.

2 thoughts on “Statistic of the day

  1. Does this include the A346s? If so, that would indicate L intends to to keep them for a long time, notwithstanding their high fuel consumption. Or, is L considering an early (2015) replacement like IAG/Iberia/BD? Does anyone know?

  2. Christopher – it is on their entire LH fleet – A330s, A340s, 744s & A380s. The 748 already has the new seat.

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