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Airbus announced their 2016 pricing and they added a 1.1% increase across the line.   So what does this look like? After all, no customer pays retail.

Since each customer deal will see prices vary by many factors, we will stick to the retail prices to illustrate our points. Let’s start with single aisle aircraft pricing since 2010. Continue reading

Yesterday Boeing released their 2015 O&D numbers.  Let’s look at the numbers.  First a chart to show the scale of O&D changes between 2014 and 2015.  We excluded the BBJ numbers from the chart but have them in the tables – but they are small and have little impact on the big picture. Continue reading

2015-12-17_8-28-28Boeing is having an excellent December.

On Monday Boeing announced an agreement with China Postal Airlines for 10 737NGs as Boeing Converted Freighters, pending program launch.

Yesterday Delta announced it will acquire 20 737-900ERs.  The airline will also take 20 Embraer 190s (these likely ex- Air Canada) from Boeing.

Today Boeing  announced China Southern Airlines has a commitment to purchase 80 737s. The commitment includes a combination of 30 737NGs and 50 737 MAXs, valued at $8.38bn at list prices.

Today Boeing also announced Jet2.com finalized an order three 737-800s, valued at $288m at list prices.

The month isn’t over and that stocking already looks too small.

The 180-200 seats segment is getting the attention of Boeing and Airbus.  It is growing fast as airlines up-gauge their narrow-body fleets and 757s retire.  The chart below illustrates the growth in this segment, with the fleet of about 600 aircraft in 2000 doubling by 2014.  And who is winning this segment’s competition? Airbus and its A321.  Boeing used to own this segment with its 757.

2015-04-14_11-19-56Airbus has seen its share of the segment rise from 17% in 2000 to 53% in 2014.  Given that the A321neo is comfortably outselling the 9MAX, this is likely to continue in the near and medium term.

However, one should not assume that this success is going unnoticed in Seattle.  Even as Airbus offers an A321LR – seemingly surrounding this segment with options – Boeing is almost certainly going to respond.

The question is when,… Continue reading