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July 22, 2024
Boeing HQ
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Today’s key stories are speculative about whether the DOJ will criminally charge Boeing in the wake of the 737 MAX crashes and violation of a deferred prosecution agreement with the January 5th door panel blowout incident.  The first reports suggested that Boeing may avoid charges, followed by the reaction that rattled MAX crash victim families, followed by a report that the DOJ has not decided whether to prosecute, and the latest last night that prosecutors have recommended that the DOJ criminally charge Boeing,  The four stories provide a time-line of thoughts from Friday through Sunday evening, as a final decision remains to be announced.  With a July 7th deadline for a decision, we will find out which way this will go.  Stay tuned.

In other stories, a deal for Boeing to re-acquire Spirit Aerosystem is moving closer, with a deal for the facilities producing parts for Airbus being spun off to Airbus.  A lawsuit by passengers of the Alaska Airlines blowout MAX 9 flight is going through legal objections from Boeing, as the company faces additional legal actions.

While the executive search at Boeing is moving slowly, the company’s CEO indicates that Stephanie Pope has a key element necessary for the job.  We at AirInsight believe an outsider is a more appropriate choice, as its culture needs to change.

Finally, the “another leak, another week” Starliner’s return to Earth has been deferred into July, apparently for software updates for the thruster system to adjust for units that failed during tests.  The thrusters are necessary to depart the station and position the craft for its narrow re-entry path, so it doesn’t burn up in the atmosphere or bounce off into space. 

Links to today’s key stories follow:

  • Boeing may avoid criminal charges over violations: report – Yahoo 
  • Report of Justice Department decision on Boeing rattles MAX crash families – Seattle Times
  • DOJ says it still hasn’t decided whether to prosecute Boeing – Bellingham Herald
  • Exclusive: US prosecutors recommend DOJ criminally charge Boeing as deadline looms – Investing
  • Deal close for NI aerospace plant as part of Boeing bid to buy back Spirit Aerosystems – Belfast Telegraph
  • Boeing, Spirit Aerosystems say blowout suit not fit for California – Law360
  • NASA again delays Starliner undocking, return to Earth – Spaceflight Now
  • Stephanie Pope has the one thing Boeing’s CEO says his successor needs – Forbes
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