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July 25, 2024
Boeing HQ
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The stories on Boeing are mixed today, with a slight improvement over what we’ve seen recently.  

On the plus side, we have stories about punctual performance, an ex-Boeing engineer endorsement, a milestone in 737NG freighter conversions, and a story about Boeing going slow to ensure certainty.  On the negative side, there are stories that airline CEOs want to meet Boeing’s board without David Calhoun, that GenZ doesn’t trust Boeing, and that passengers on AK 1282 may be victims of a crime.  Links to today’s key stories follow:

  • Bonza’s Boeing 737 MAX 8s Australia’s most punctual aircraft in February – Simple Flying

  • Hawaiian’s long-awaited 787s will ‘stretch legs’ across USA and Pacific: CEO – Flight Global

  • Boeing’s problems and the Federal Aviation Administration explained – the Dispatch

  • I’m a former Boeing engineer and have no concerns flying in those planes – inews

  • Boeing takes a slow approach to ensure certainty – American Machinist

  • Amid rising anger at Boeing, board members will hold customer meetings without CEO David Calhoun – Forbes

  • Boeing hits 100 737-800BCF conversions at STAECO – Cargo Facts

  • Almost half of Gen Z are afraid to fly after Boeing safety issues: ‘They’ve lost the ability to trust’ – New York Post

  • Passengers onboard terrifying midair door blowout Alaska Airlines flight told they may be ‘victim of a crime’ – New York Post

The Bottom Line

Perhaps the most crucial story is the airline CEOs asking for a meeting with Boeing’s board without David Calhoun.  That may indicate a lack of confidence that they would like the board to act on.  The other element is Gen Z’s general lack of trust in institutions, particularly Boeing.  That generation will become key airline customers, and regaining their confidence is essential.  Today’s theme is a loss of confidence and trust, which shows how difficult Boeing’s rebuilding task will be. 

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Ernest Arvai
President AirInsight Group LLC

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