Welcome to Morning Call for 22 July 2021 and the Top Aviation News Stories for today.  You can also search our Archives for older news stories by date.

AirInsight US Airline Index

Commercial Aviation

  • GE Aviation and Safran Launch Advanced Technology Demonstration –  CFM
  • Embraer Deliveries Rebound To 34 in Second Quarter – AIN
  • Qatar Airways’ quarrel with Airbus is not over? – Marketwatch
  • Aviation enterprises to increase presence in China – Herald

Business Aviation

  • Pipistrel Panthera: The perfect personal airplane? – Skies


  • US Airlines deserved payroll support – Forbes
  • Air Canada offers 22 flights to the US – Airways
  • United Airlines sees unabated recovery despite uptick in variant case – Platts
  • Only one U.S. airline ranked among the 10 best in the world – AirInsight

Urban Air Mobility

  • Porsche Study Tempers Urban Air Mobility Hype – Futureflight

Social Media

  • Body found in London garden is a stowaway – NBC

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