For a few weeks now we have been analyzing US daily domestic flights using a combination of Flightradar24 data and the TSA counts.  What we’d like to share with you today is the breakdown of these flights since January 1, 2020.  The data we have is through July 11 in this report.

When you look at the model below –

  • Page 1 – Click on an airline name to see the chart update.  You will notice some airlines got prematurely excited in June.  News reports keep coming in about airlines cutting back their schedules.  Given the decline in traffic, expect more severe cuts. It’s going to be a brutal summer.
  • Page 2 – Select an airline to see its fleet activity.  No selection shows the US fleet.
  • Page 3 – Select the OEM to see the breakdown by model. Douglas and Embraer were shrinking rapidly.
  • Page 4 – Regional jets selection as on Page 3.  Note the 50-seaters are shrinking again.


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