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June 15, 2024
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The industry rumor has been confirmed. United Technologies acquisition of Rockwell Collins for $30 billion is moving forward.  Both companies have a major presence in aerospace.  UTC has two large units, Pratt & Whitney and United Technologies Aerospace Systems (incorporating the former Hamilton Standard, Sundstrand, and BFG Aerospace operations that included former Rohr, Coltec,TRW Aerospace, and Lucas Aerospace operations). Rockwell Collins acquired BE Aerospace to augment its traditional avionics business with a position in aircraft seating and interior components earlier this year.

The merger provides virtually nose to tail components for commercial aircraft, including the flight deck instrumentation and controls, landing gear, engines and nacelles, electronic systems, and the capability to build most of the key components on an aircraft.  Currently, UTC does not have an avionics nor an interiors unit, and there is little or no overlap between the proposed merger partner’s product lines.