There has been interest in a data visualization model that summarizes some key metrics for the airlines and airports.  This is our attempt to accomplish this. The 2019 data reported is through April.

We used two primary sources, the T-2 and T-100.  These two sources provide the information we think meets the requirement for a start.  As always, we appreciate your feedback.

Page 1: Summary of six activities by type.  Select the aircraft type and each airline is reported.

Page 2:  Summary of six activities by airline. Select the airline and each type at that airline is reported.

Page 3: Summary of traffic by Origin airport. Select the origin airport and the table and chart are updated to reflect that airport’s traffic. The chart shows the percent of that airport’s traffic by distance segment.  Overall for the US, over half the air traffic flies under 1,000 miles.

Page 4:  Select Origin airport and year, the map shows destinations and traffic volume.  Mouse over any bubble to see the detail.

Activate the model here.

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