As we dig deeper into the airline operations in 2020 we have another model to share with readers.

What we have here is a track of from January 1, 2020, through July 23, 2020.  We expect to the model regularly as new data is acquired.

How to drive the model :

  • Select an airline. If none is selected, it defaults to all.
  • Select regional or single-aisle aircraft.  We have excluded twin-aisles from the model.
  • As selections are made the model updates.
  • Note that in any field you click on locks that field and updates all other data points displayed. To unlock it, click that data point again.


Some things to notice –

  • Not every aircraft type is doing the same work.  Some tail numbers are extraordinarily busy. For example, the table that lists the airline fleet offers a useful guide.  i.e. At , the accounts for 3.7% of the fleet but is operating around 6% of the airline’s domestic schedule.
  • At , we can see they are cutting back operations.
  • At United, there seems to be less use being made of the 737 fleet.

Looking forward to reader feedback.

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