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July 22, 2024
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The DoT has released the data for March 2023, and we have updated our models. Here is our US on-time flights updated model.

There are three pages to review.

  1. Page one shows average taxi times, elapsed flight times, air time vs. non-air time, and air time to elapsed time ratio.  You can select a departure airport and an arrival airport.
  2. On page two, we show the top 25 US airports by average arrival delay from 2017.  The redder, the poorer the performance.  The chart shows arrival delays degraded considerably since the pandemic. The chart shows the overall data with a trend line – no surprise which way the trend line is going.
  3. On page three, we list the top 25 routes (by number of flights). You can click on any route to see the charts and tables change. The tables list airlines serving each route and the elapsed times for the route by year, average departure delay, and arrival delay. The three charts should be self-explanatory.


  • On page three, it is interesting to see how elapsed times vary on a route by airline. Remember that an average “airline minute” costs over $100 – even small differences add up quickly.
  • The distance is equal, and the market sets fares.  Being the lowest-cost seat producer is crucial to be successful.  This is why you see airlines enter and exit markets.
  • Notice that airlines sometimes claw back departure delays, and arrival delay is lower than the departure delay.
  • That could mean flying faster and burning more fuel – the tradeoff is higher fuel burn against other operational costs.  For example, later in the day, it might make sense to fly faster to make up time to limit overtime for personnel at the destination.
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