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February 23, 2024
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Vietjet announced it is embarking on a Five-year Plan to enable sustainable growth beginning 2017. The ambitious plan was announced at the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting of the Vietjet Aviation Joint Stock Company in Ho Chi Minh City.

The program, focusing on sustainable development, involves investments in enhancing internal human resources; protecting the environment; carrying out corporate social responsibilities; complementing national tourism development strategy; promoting local economic development; popularizing cultural practices and aviation civilization among passengers and in the community.
In 2017, Vietjet is committed to operating the airline with top priorities on safety and reliability, continuing to innovate and improve service quality and operation efficiency and managing the recently listed company in accordance with international standards and the Vietnamese Accounting Standards (VAS) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

“Vietjet is ready to conquer new heights. I am confident that there is a bright future in the air and Vietjet is making every effort to bring it closer,” said Vietjet Chairwoman Nguyen Thanh Ha.
The meeting also reviewed the operation of the fast growing new-age carrier in 2016, approved the business plan for 2017 as well as the contents related to management and administration.  The company had an excellent year.

In 2016, Vietjet received 12 new aircraft, increasing its fleet to 41 aircraft consisting of 30 A320 and 11 A321 aircraft, transporting 14 million passengers, an increase of 50.9% compared to 2015, leading the Vietnam domestic market.

Meanwhile, the airline’s shareholders approved a move to raise foreign ownership levels. Foreign shareholders are now able to hold up to 49% of the company.  It might not be the kind of news item reported much in the west, but Vietjet ranks second in the list of five airlines having the most attractive flight attendants.  The company is, apparently, attractive on several levels.  (How will Tony Fernandes compete with that?)

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