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June 17, 2024
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Virgin America selected the CFM LEAP engine for its Airbus A320neo fleet.

This was no surprise–we predicted this in our Paris Air Show preview below. We expected the order to be announced at the show, but this helps build momentum going in the PAS for CFM.

Virgin’s engine is the LEAP-X1A, with an EIS in 2016. CFM originally launched the LEAP-X1C with China’s COMAC for the C919.

CNBC has a news clip here.

Aeroturbo Power has its forecast of engine orders for the air show here.

The Wall Street Journal has a good article (unfortunately, paid subscription required) with this highly intriguing quote from Virgin CEO David Cush:

“We considered it quite seriously and talked to Pratt & Whitney for about a year,” said David Cush, Virgin America’s president and chief executive. “It was a robust competition…for much of the way, Pratt was ahead but in the end, CFM came in with a compelling offer.”

This is interesting to chew on.

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