News out today from Bloomberg suggests the Indian carrier may have selected the 787 over the A330neo.  This is potentially the third win in a row for Boeing.

What may be going on behind the scenes that allowed Boeing to succeed?

Here’s a suggestion: The American and Hawaiian came with engines.  We are highly confident any Vistara order will come with GE engines, too.

The challenge, we understand, is that Rolls-Royce has been not been nearly as aggressive as the deals needed them to be.  This is probably especially annoying to Airbus’ new sales lead,  Eric Schulz.  He is formerly from Rolls-Royce and therefore can be expected to know what is happening on the engine side.  Mr. Schultz is putting forward a confident air.  But he must be rather frustrated.

must compete with the power of Aviation and GECAS.  That combination has proven itself to be formidable.  If the engines are equal, and they are likely to be very close in economic terms, the more aggressive financing package will win.  Boeing has the stronger partner here and it’s helping.

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