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ILFC signed a firm contract for the purchase of 100 A320neo aircraft. This follows the signing of a MoU announced on March 8th 2011. ILFC confirmed selection of Pratt & Whitney engines for at least 60 of the aircraft. The agreement between Airbus and ILFC provides for model flexibility which initially includes both A320neo and A321neo types.

“The new A320neo aircraft will allow ILFC to offer a single-aisle aircraft that provides significant reduction in fuel consumption,” ILFC Chief Executive Officer Henri Courpron stated. “We have already seen significant market interest and are looking forward to seeing the aircraft enter service with our first customers from 2015.” Continue reading

Aeroturbopower has two blog postings which do some interesting analysis on the cost debate between Airbus and Boeing and between Airbus and Bombardier.

Post 1 and Post 2 have some detailed analysis that gives an independent look at “who’s on first.”

Yesterday US Airways joined the fray, so we now have two airlines fighting with the GDS.  American is no longer alone and its Don Quixote-like battle with the GDS’ now seems much more plausible. Indeed, we expect to see other airlines step forward in the fight to cut distribution costs and technology hegemony.  At least that is how the airlines view this battle.

To help us understand the state of play and what the key issues are, we spoke with Travel Technology Update’s Editor Michele McDonald.


Bernstein Research on April 13 issued a research note that is one of the best side-by-side comparisons we’ve seen about the Pratt & Whitney P1000G Geared Turbo Fan and the CFM International LEAP-X.

Bernstein’s aerospace team, led by Douglas Harned, laid out pros and cons of both engines in a succinct, bullet-pointed format. As an independent third party with no axe to grind and no favorites to play, we think his report is a must-read by everyone who can get their hands on it. Continue reading

Having won the US Air Force tanker award, keeping the Boeing 767 production line active for the foreseeable future, should Boeing introduce an updated commercial version of their venerable (and highly successful) small wide-body aircraft?  We believe that the time could be right for a 767NG, with new technology engines and an upgraded interior. Continue reading

We had a visit with ViaSat in Carlsbad California. We spoke with Bill Sullivan, Director of Strategy and Business Development (Mobile Broadband) and Don Buchman, Director Mobile Broadband Systems. Besides discussing the Ka technical offering, we also spoke about geographical coverage, the two airlines rolling out this service and a number of other intriguing aspects of in-flight connectivity.

As a leader in the field, ViaSat has a great story to tell. Imagine the cost of in-flight connectivity dropping to price of a can of soda? That works for any consumer and for sure for any airline – even the cheap ones. But most of all, with so much bandwidth airlines can seriously start to exploit connectivity for internal use. As ViaSat explains they have a large footprint of GA customers who demonstrate that once bandwidth exists it gets exploited. So roll on Ka!