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Buying or leasing? That’s the question

Leasing of aircraft has taken a jump. Yet airlines prefer to buy them outright too. Richard Schuurman looks at the trends. Over the half a century of airliner leasing it has been a booming business. “In 1970 a half of one percent of the world’s fleet was leased. In...

That bubble keeps building

The huge backlogs Airbus and Boeing have for single aisle aircraft are well known.  Both firms have backlogs of about seven years at current production levels.  Both firms are talking about and planning to increase their production rates to bring down the backlogs. We...

The Chinese aircraft leasing impact

China is the coming air travel market.  In sympathy, the rest of the supply chain is growing - from COMAC to the leasing firms.  The top three Chinese aircraft lessors are heading for Hong Kong IPOs.  Not to be left out, Hong Kong tycoon Li Ka-sing is also entering...

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