A report from Iran (quoting ISNA) suggests that local airline, Zagros Airlines, “purchased” 20 Embraer aircraft as part of a 50 aircraft deal.  The links has a number of details which make the story plausible.  After all, Iran’s need for fleet refreshing across the board is well documented.  Crucially, no model is mentioned although the stock picture implies E-Jets.  Absent a model definition the story seems implausible.

Checking in with Embraer we were advised: “Embraer clarifies that it has not sold aircraft to the Iranian market. The company sees the potential to renew the country´s fleet, but its commercial efforts are at preliminary stage and just started after the sanctions have been lifted.”

The confusion may indicate the state of play with the unwinding of sanctions.  There are few aircraft that can be delivered to Iran (officially) that come with no US-made parts.  Iran has managed to secure a number of Airbus aircraft, all via, shall we say, interesting commercial paths.  It would seem that Iranian airlines are trying hard to get the newer equipment, and the vendors are trying too.  But, perhaps, lawyers and bankers are taking a deliberate path to avoid serious penalties that could spoil everything.

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