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July 19, 2024
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PR: Deutsche Aircraft, the pioneering German Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), announces a revised entry into service (EIS) timeline for its 40-seater regional turboprop, the D328eco. The aircraft is now set for EIS in the fourth quarter (Q4) of 2027. The adjustments to the timeline align with regulatory changes that entail the detailed and comprehensive certification process, and the associated compliance requirements.

This update comes after detailed internal review and intensive discussions with customers and potential operators, the aviation value chain, and key stakeholders. While the reasons behind this decision are multifaceted, the revised EIS timeline will also enable Deutsche Aircraft to implement additional capabilities and improvements to the brand-new regional turboprop.

Deutsche Aircraft continues to collaborate closely with current and potential operators, as well as suppliers, on the latest developments in the D328eco programme. Several new features and capabilities are being evaluated, including a further improvement of STOL (Short Take-off and Landing) performance, specifically in non-benign operational environments, combined with advanced avionics capabilities. These changes will be made in the context of the current certification and programme envelope and will advance the D328eco to even higher standards of market requirement alignment for both commercial and multi-role operators.

While the pressure on the global aviation manufacturing supply chain remains very high, Deutsche Aircraft can be proud of an excellent support from the business partners and stakeholders across the industry. Overall, these partnerships remain incredibly strong and positive in the aviation value chain, which enables the programme to progress.

Dave Jackson, CEO of Deutsche Aircraft, remarks: “While we have had to realign the EIS for our D328eco, we are taking this opportunity to investigate further product enhancements and satisfied by the tremendous progress of the programme to date: our certification panels with EASA are advancing successfully, start of construction for our Final Assembly Line in Leipzig has begun and we have secured over 95% of our suppliers, including those providing access to strategic growth markets. We will be announcing further milestones during the upcoming Farnborough International Airshow.

Building on the renowned in-service D328-100, the new D328eco leads the market with innovative elements including a state-of-the-art Garmin avionics suite and PW127XT-S engines which will be fully compatible with SAF-PtL at EIS. These advancements make the D328eco an advanced and unique 21st century turboprop, ready for the future of aviation. Most importantly, we are pleased to receive continued interest and demand for the D328eco from different segments across the market.

Our success would not be possible without the dedication of our team, support from our industry partners and the substantial involvement of regional and multi-role operators during product development.”

Deutsche Aircraft is poised to revolutionise regional air travel with the D328eco through its advanced features and capabilities, including a spacious and comfortable cabin, cutting-edge avionics, superior fuel efficiency and unbeatable operational capabilities.

  • Planned EIS has been moved to 2027
  • The OEM says regulatory changes are behind the delay
  • Putting a positive spin on this, the OEM says, “The revised EIS timeline will also enable Deutsche Aircraft to implement additional capabilities and improvements.
  • There are almost certainly other issues, such as supply chain stress—Deutsche Aircraft is too small to wield influence over its suppliers.
  • The D328eco’s target segment is attracting new entrants like Heart Aerospace, which has won many more orders.
  • Using STOL and advanced avionics is a means to differentiate the D328eco.
  • The extra time allows the Deutsche Aircraft team to revisit their thinking and recalibrate as needed.
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