Yesterday’s news that Embraer was floating the idea of coming back into the market a turboprop created quite a flutter.  Likely more of a flutter than was intended.  Embraer is rightly proud of their start in aerospace that was a turboprop.  They went on to build a very good regional turboprop in the Brasilia. They know the technologies.

But, as the company shared us, this is an idea they are floating with target customers.  There is no new turboprop – yet. “Embraer confirms that it has recently held an airline advisory board meeting to explore potential opportunities in the turboprop market. It is important to that Embraer is far any decision to launch a new turboprop program and the process is in the evaluation phase. This is an early, but key step, in establishing if there is a for a modern turboprop platform.”

Can they do it? Yes.  Is there a business case? Maybe.  It just too soon to tell.

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