Since Boeing won’t detail which model MAX is ordered observers have to wait see what actually gets delivered.  This isn’t that bad, because even what is ordered often isn’t what gets delivered.  After all, it’s what the operator actually puts into service that matters.  Since the time between an order and the delivery can be several years, and circumstances change, operators can make a switch.

Subscribers have access to the following data in our monthly transaction model.  We want to show other readers what the status of the MAX fleet is through the end of last month. 

The overall data shows that North America Asia are the largest MAX markets. The absence of the China market, at the moment, must frustrate and hurt. Note that of the MAXs delivered,  88.7% are MAX8s.  This is likely to decline but probably not too much.  The MAX8 is the optimal model in the family and the others are not as popular.

North America is by far the largest market with nearly 43% of the in-service fleet. The image below shows that 63% of the MAX9s are at home here.


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