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April 18, 2024
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Air Lease Corporation (ALC) has been most vocal and critical of engine makers for failing to produce engines that are reliable. At last week’s JP Morgan Industrials Conference in New York, ALC’s top management repeated that it is hugely disappointed about the on-wing performance of new-generation engines. Why new-generation engines are a concern and blessing for ALC.

Elaborating on this, Chairman Steven Udvar-Hazy said: “All of these new-technology engine programs that power the Boeing 787, the Airbus A330neo, the MAX, and A320neo family were developed twelve to fifteen years ago. The key ingredient and motivation for the engine manufacturers in developing these engines was fuel consumption to reduce fuel burn by around fifteen percent. And secondly, these engines have lower emissions and generate less noise. But to achieve that, all the manufacturers pushed technology to the outer end of the envelope in terms of alloys, the heat in the engines, and efficiencies that they tried to gain to achieve these objectives.”


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