The South Sea fracas is about to see another ratchet. China’s interests in bolstering its claims (dismissed by the International Tribunal and ignored by China) will have a new tool, the AG600.


The People’s Daily wryly noted the AG600 can reach the most remote parts of China.  This aircraft clearly is going to play a role to the remote “islands” that are in much dispute.  Even though the aircraft is behind schedule, its emergence sends an ominous regional signal.  Ostensibly a civilian aircraft, the AG600 clearly has dual use capabilities.

With a range of 4,500km the AG600 (also known as the TA600) can cover a wide area.  From Hainan’s Haikou Meilan International Airport the AG600 can easily go anywhere in China’s areas of interest.  Is there any wonder bought the Japanese ShinMaywa?  There is a possibility that other nations bordering the South Sea might also start looking at amphibian aircraft.


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