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NetJets Announces Cessna Orders at NBAA

This morning, NetJets announced its intention to order up to 150 Cessna Citation Longitude aircraft and up to 125 Cessna Citation Hemisphere aircraft, pending engine progress.  The press conference announcing the orders follows: https://youtu.be/uAtGBuInzQM

Premium 2018.17 – General Aviation Holding Steady in First Quarter

GAMA released its first-quarter statistics, and the General Aviation segment increased its billings by 3.3% when compared to the first quarter in 2017. The variability in the mix, when compared to 2017, was significant, with 3 fewer piston aircraft delivered, 13 more...

Cessna Suspends Hemisphere Development

Textron Aviation, in its earnings announcement earlier this week, announced that it has suspended development on its largest aircraft, the Hemisphere. That aircraft was designed around the Silvercrest engine from SAFRAN aircraft engines, and its development has been...

First ATP Engine Run

Just before Christmas, on December 22, GE Aviation undertook the first run of its new ATP engine at its Prague facility. The launch application for the ATP  will be the Cessna Denali. The aircraft is scheduled to fly in late 2018, while the ATP certification testing...