US Airline Snapshot

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Operational Snapshot 1

The following model utilizes the US DoT T2 database.  It is updated quarterly and typically runs six months late.  The purpose of this model is to provide readers with a useful snapshot of the main US airlines.  At this stage, we included majors and added startup Breeze.

  • Each airline has its own page. The last page lists the industry and includes every US airline, including regionals. 
  • The industry page allows you to select aircraft types and specific models.

Operational Snapshot 2

The following model utilizes the US DoT P1a, T-100 Domestic Market, and T2 databases.  The focus of this model is to provide readers with a snapshot of labor productivity among the main US airlines. There is only one page and you can use the menus on the left to drive the model.

Operational Snapshot 3

The following model uses the DB1B Market data.  It provides a quick view of the US domestic market for air travel, in terms of pricing and stage length. There are two pages, the second provides a movable model when clicking the play button at the bottom left.

Operational Snapshot 4

The following model illustrates the carbon footprint of selected US airlines.  The driver here is one gallon of fuel generates 21.5 pounds of carbon when burned. The model compares airlines and their fleets.  We also list Airbus and Boeing pages. The model has a total of 18 pages.  The pages are busy but provide a good sense of the carbon footprint.