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Ukraine’s ANTONOV Company has undertaken a lot of work to repair an AN?22 (NATO code name Cock) after a long period being grounded.


The company says: “In spite of confident leadership of the famous AN?124?100 Ruslan and AN?225 Mriya in the market of air transportation of superheavy and oversized cargo, the AN?22 is still in demand. For this reason we took the decision to renew the Antaeus”— said Oleksandr Kotsiuba, the First Vice President.

The rebuilt aircraft was originally constructed in 1974. It performed its last flight in March 2009.  ANTONOV is painting the AN?22 in colors of “Antonov Airlines” and plans to offer the aircraft for cargo transportation.

It has four massive 15,000 SHP engines each driving eight contra-rotating propellers.  The engine sound is unique.  These are the same Kuznetzov power-plants used on the Tupolev Tu-95 (Bear) bomber.  The Tu-114 airliner, using the same engines, is still the fastest turboprop to have flown at 540 mph or Mach 0.73. This record stands since 1960.

The rebuilt AN-22 aircraft can be seen below landing.

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