MITAC reported the following today:

Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation today announced organizational changes effective from January 1, 2018.

  1. Program Management Division
    The Program Management Division is newly established to reinforce the development and management of the MRJ program. The Integrated Product Team Execution Department, the Governance Management Office and the Product Strategy Office are also newly established under the Program Management Division.
  2. Engineering Division
    The Engineering Division is restructured from four departments (Aircraft Integration, Mechanical System Design, Electrical System Design and Airframe Design) and one office (MRJ 70 Project) into five departments ((1) Aircraft Integration, (2) Mechanical System Design, (3) Electrical System Design, (4) Airframe Design, and (5) Avionics, FBW, and Software Design) and three offices (Interiors, Test Rigs Integration and EWIS* Design) to achieve more efficient communications and quicker decision-making.

Reports are the MRJ is in the running at Aeromexico, even though a delivery could only come after the required delivery date.  The first MRJ is targeted for ANA in 2020. The program has seen several delays and staffing changes.  Flightglobal reports the new management structure is supposed to “help achieve more efficient communication and quicker decision making”.  These are noble aims and it would be great for this to be the outcome.

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