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UPDATE – Not 1.000, but between 600 and 700. That is the number of incremental shop visits that Pratt & Whitney-parent RTX is guiding for inspections and repairs of Geared Turbofan (GTF) engines that are affected by the powder metal contamination issue. The rework will extend well into 2026, far longer than late 2024 which RTX guided in July. The gross financial impact of the issue has now soared to between $6.0 and $7.0 billion, RTX said on September 11. 

RTX first disclosed the powder metal contamination issue on the GTF in July. Powder metal that had been fabricated in one of the company’s own facilities was found to be contaminated and included microscopic iron particles. It was the root cause of an uncontained engine failure on a V2500 in March 2020.

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