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June 24, 2024
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Update, April 10: Aircraft Technology’s April issue is now published with a feature on Boeing’s prospective new airplane. There is a sidebar transcript with Boeing’s Mike Bair, who talks about the GTF and the competing engines. The report is here; the story begins on PDF page 58.

Original Post:

Scott Hamilton’s second part of his discussion with Pratt & Whitney’s Bob Saia. They discuss the new engines coming out as well as new airplane programs. We have an interesting view of open rotors – an open rotor needs more than double the diameter of a regular fan engine.

Interestingly, Airbus will be getting a more advanced version of the GTF to enable the increased thrust required. But they will maintain fuel efficiency at the same levels though. Looking ahead, a new Boeing in circa 2020 could see new blades, and other aerodynamics and lighter materials as an engine option.


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