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Connectivity demand keeps growing

The airline industry seems to be pushing for ever more bandwidth on their aircraft. An early pioneer in this is Lufthansa which was among the first airlines to sign up for Boeing Connexion. Even after that program was abandoned, Lufthansa stayed committed to in-flight...

Missing Airplanes – Why Real-Time Tracking of Airplanes Won’t Happen Quickly

Air travel is a very safe mode of travel, with few accidents and a trend line that points to increasing safety year by year.  The following chart shows worldwide airline fatalities per million passengers from 1976 through 2014.  The trend line shows that safety is...


In the wake of the disappearance and assumed crash of Malaysian flight 370, industry chatter regarding uninterruptible autopilots installed on Boeing aircraft has intensified. Boeing was awarded a patent for this technology in 2006, and reportedly began installations...

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