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US airline industry fleet concentration

As of the 2Q18, here is where we stood with the US airline industry in-service fleet. The top four airlines accounted for 79% of the fleet.  That is concentrated and clearly points to industry followers needing to be au fait with oligopoly economics to understand the...

The Single Aisle Segment – some perspective

The aerospace world is still trying to get their collective heads around the 220% number from the US Department of Commerce.  The impact is still being worked out as firms around the world find themselves dragged into a fight none wanted.  Except for one. Here's some...

Two More US Airlines Support Bombardier v. Boeing in Trade Dispute

Two more US Airlines have asked US authorities to reject the complaint by Boeing against the Bombardier CSeries.  Spirit Airlines, which operates 112 Airbus aircraft, and Sun Country Airlines, which operates 22 Boeing aircraft,  both wrote letters against Boeing’s...

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