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Wednesday’s story on engines attracted a lot of attention.  And some good comments – so we went back to our data to see what more we could pull out of it.  This is what we found. Continue reading


We analyzed the aero engine business to see how the market has been evolving since 2000.  The chart below shows how market shares have been changing.  What we see is useful to understand the impact among the competing OEMs. Particularly those focused on only a few aircraft programs. Continue reading


It is our understanding that CFM’s LEAP is coming along according to plan. The program has had no unusual events to cause either OEMs or airlines any concerns. The promise of the LEAP is to deliver 15% improved fuel burn and 50% margin on NOx as well as a substantially lower noise footprint.

The LEAP has a tough act to follow; CFM promises the LEAP is going to offer the comparable maintenance costs to those of the CFM56. The CFM56 is the most popular turbine engine in use among single aisle airliners. Take a look at this table to see what we mean. Continue reading


CFM provided this video of their new engine’s start to the flight test program from October 6, 2014.  This is the engine competing with P&W’s GTF. The LEAP will be the exclusive engine for the 737MAX program and is available on the A320neo program.

An intriguing data point discovered yesterday is that the MAX engine is close to the ideal size for the Bombardier CSeries, if that OEM were to consider offering an engine selection.

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