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The LEAP-X from CFM International, a GE/Snecma (Safran Group) joint venture and the Pratt and Whitney PW1000G Geared Turbofan will be offered on the A320 family as the NEO – New Engine Options. Continue reading

Airbus will formally announce the NEO – New Engine Option for its Airbus A320 family tomorrow, AirInsight has confirmed. Multiple press stories also confirm the pending announcement.

This is significant on several levels:

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After many years of plotting and planning, Lufthansa rolled out its in-flight Internet service again today on a media flight from Frankfurt to New York.  The airline’s excitement was palpable.  For years they have been keeping the Boeing Connexion antennae on 69 planes, with the hope of reactivating them. Continue reading

What is Qatar’s CEO, Akbar Al-Baker, up to?

The unpredictable Al-Baker, who has achieved the nickname U-Turn Al for his ability to pivot 180 degrees at a moment’s notice, seems to like the limelight in the press with his bombastic behavior.

In his latest interview, he takes on Boeing and Bombardier.

His frustration with Boeing is understandable. With a major order for the 787, Qatar is adversely affected by the repeated delays in the program and the continuing uncertainty over the delivery schedule.

His public criticism of Bombardier and Pratt & Whitney is mysterious–and may fall into the category of public posturing.

But first, how did Al-Baker earn the nickname U-Turn Al?

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The EC has approved a Dutch Government advance of €19.7 million of launch aid for an upgraded version of the Fokker 100 aircraft by NG Aircraft, formerly known as Rekkof (Fokker backwards). The question that must be asked is if there is really a market for an upgraded version of the Fokker 100 that ceased production in 1997 and was a stretch of the F-28 Fellowship that entered service in 1967. Continue reading