Delta’s CS100 selection – regional impact

Less discussed, so far, in terms of follow on impact of Delta's decision to select the CS100 is its impact on the US regional airline market.  Any discussion on the US regional airline market brings up the scope clause issue.  This week the RAA has its annual...

Premium #213 – The US Scope Clause – Aberration and Annoyance

"Scope Clauses" are collectively bargained contractual terms in pilot union agreements with US major carriers that place restrictions on how many and what size of aircraft regional airlines may operate.  Typically, these restrict regionals to aircraft under 86,000...

Employees and Enplanements – The US Experience

People like to make jokes about air travel in the US. It the staple of every dinner party and also great value for any stand-up comic. Is service really that bad? After all, Americans are paying relatively low fares and they get to travel across a really big piece of...

Delta to Sell 2 Regional Airlines

Majors continue to spin off regionals – Delta the latest with Mesaba and Compass sold to Pinnacle and Trans States.

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